CMI Stocking Distributor of WEG Motors

Community Motors, Inc. is more than just another motor rewind shop. We offer new replacement motors, motor starters and AC and DC drive controls, generators, air compressors, and pumps. We carry a substantial inventory in all of these items, ready to meet your immediate needs.


Knowledgeable & Reliable Pump Repairs by CMI

Besides electric motors, we also repair pumps and other rotating equipment. here are some examples of what we can do for you.

Kohler Residential Generators

We stock diesel and gas powered generator sets for commercial and residential use.

We sell, install and calibrate tri fuel carburetors to portable generators

Outstanding Service

At Community Motors, Inc.  we share a commitment to serving you promptly, efficiently, and honestly. We strive to be the most customer service oriented and efficient supplier of Electric Motors and Motor Rewinding.

AC & DC Motor Repair

We offer complete AC and DC electric motor repair services. We have all the necessary equipment and experience to inspect, test, and repair your electric motors whether it be as simple as replacing worn bearings or as involved as completely rewinding your motor.